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How many members does St. Andrew Presbyterian have? 2015-09-02T21:12:25+00:00

We have 120 members with approximately 50 friends who attend regularly. We come from many faith backgrounds, Baptist to Catholic, Episcopalian to Lutheran, Methodist to unaffiliated all choosing to worship and serve as Presbyterians.

How many attend worship? 2015-09-02T21:09:02+00:00

Average attendance is about 75 people.

What is available for my children? 2015-09-02T21:12:13+00:00

Children are welcome here! Starting before church, continuing through worship and concluding shortly after worship, we have nursery care for the wee ones. Ages 3 and up participate in the first fifteen minutes of worship in the sanctuary, including a Children’s sermon, then they are excused to their activity rooms. In addition, our 4-6 graders meet monthly for Youth Group games and conversation with fun outings held throughout the year. Each second Sunday of the month they meet for a pancake breakfast introducing the Bible story and having time for fellowship and fun.

What is available for adults? 2015-09-02T21:12:05+00:00

You can plug in in several ways.

Be part of our worship team: read Bible verses to the congregation, create floral displays, sing in the choir, greet folks at the door.

Deepen your faith through monthly Bible study or Sunday morning Adult Education.

Serve others: deliver groceries to the homeless at the Recuperative Care Center, sew and/or fill Christmas stockings for CASA kids, or buy eggs (located on the patio) as the proceeds go to Second Harvest Food Bank ($2400 annually).

Participate in small group fellowship: Supper Clusters meet monthy, while special gatherings are available throughout the year (Progressive dinners, spring tea, holiday luncheons, church picnic and game nights).

Share your talents working in our garden or writing for the monthly newsletter. Additional ideas can be found throughout this website or in our Sunday worship folder, or newsletter.

Where do I park? 2015-09-02T21:11:57+00:00

We have ample parking at St. Andrew with handicapped and visitor spaces designated near the front door.

What kind of music do you have in worship? 2015-09-02T21:09:26+00:00

We are a singing congregation! We use the Glory to God Hymnal which is a wonderful blend of traditional and contemporary songs. Our choir reaches beyond to offer rich musical selections from bountiful sources.

What is a typical worship service like? 2015-04-05T20:47:03+00:00

We gather to worship and praise God through a reformed understanding which means we join in song, admit our shortcomings, receive God’s forgiveness and gather around the Word. Great music is woven into the entire service. We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of the month.

What do my children do during worship? 2015-09-02T21:09:41+00:00

Your children are welcome in worship at all times. However, most children prefer to stay only the first 15 minutes when they come forward for the Children’s sermon. Then they go to Sunday School, allowing you to focus on your time with God. We having coloring sheets that offer activity and a way to make worship a positive space for children. We often will ask youth to greet, take the offering or read a scripture.

Who is in charge? 2015-04-05T20:49:56+00:00

The Session is in charge of our congregation partnering with our pastor. Twelve members are elected to serve on the Session which is the board that leads and makes the decisions for the congregation.

When is the pastor available? 2015-09-02T21:11:40+00:00

Pastor Anne works Sunday through Thursday, but is available for pastoral emergencies as needed.   She is regularly in the office from 8am – 3pm on Monday – Thursday. Her door is always open, but if you need special care an appointment is suggested.

How can I get involved? 2015-09-02T21:11:29+00:00

There are lots of ways to be involved! If mission is your thing then work with our Outreach committee or volunteer for a service project. If you enjoy flowers be a part of the garden committee that beautifies our campus or the flower team that arranges flowers for worship. Please speak with Pastor Anne and she will point you in the right direction.

How do I make a contribution? 2015-09-02T21:11:17+00:00

You can click on the Ways to Give under Giving on the menu above, set automatic contributions through your bank, or mail a check to our address: 9850 Monroe Ave, Aptos, CA 95065.

We also have an endowment fund that you might like to contribute to.

What do you believe about gay and lesbian people? 2015-09-02T21:09:55+00:00

We welcome gay and lesbian people as part of our congregation and its leadership. We are a welcoming and affirming congregation with several openly gay and lesbian members.

How do you view scripture? 2015-09-02T21:10:05+00:00

We believe Scripture is the unique and authoritative word of God. It guides our actions and challenges our behavior. We consider the context in which it was written and seek to interpret God’s word in a meaningful way today. We also welcome questions as people seek to understand God’s teachings and apply those to their lives.

Do I have to believe everything the church teaches? 2015-09-02T21:10:14+00:00

No. Our congregation believes the reform beliefs of the Sovereignty of God, the primacy of Scripture, and the priesthood of all believers, but we also believe in empowering our members to ask questions and come to their own understanding to God’s call in their life. We join in worship and study to become better equipped to serve God and Christ. For more about reformed faith, see What Is Presbyterian.

How are women involved in church leadership? 2015-09-02T21:10:28+00:00

Women are embraced within this community. In addition to our pastor being a woman, over half of our Session (the governing body of the church) are women. Men and women serve equally through our church life together.

Do you have social events? 2015-09-02T21:10:45+00:00

We enjoy spending time together. We have coffee time after worship – a chance to greet your friends and catch up on the week. Supper Clusters are gatherings of 8-10 people that meet monthly throughout the year in people’s homes. We also have Progressive dinners, Chili cook-off and Bingo night, Family Church Picnic with games and music and face painting, along with Spring Tea and game nights.

What happens during the week? 2015-09-02T21:10:37+00:00

Our Preschool serves families in our community with a loving and cooperative program three days a week- M, W, F from 9-1.

We have 12 step meetings two nights a week.

Our Chancel Choir rehearses on Thursday.

Our office is open 9-3 Monday through Thursday and 9-12 on Friday should you have any questions.

What are the demographics of the congregation? 2015-09-02T21:10:53+00:00

Our congregation is celebrating its 50th anniversary and we are thankful to have some of our founding members active in our ministry. We are a multi-generational congregation with activities designed to excite all ages.